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Friday, 27 November 2009
no update for awhile! 09:00
LoCcO + LoCcO!
hahaha. =]
yah. tiade update bt sementare waktu ye!
harap maaf! hahaha.
today,i'm gonna move to kote bharu!
but just a week!

so,ak xtaw ad internet connection x kat umah kakak tersyg tu.
so,alamak nye...
no internet for a week! sobs..sobs..
hahaha. BUT!!!!
i can spend my precious time with...
well,this ukkm on 7 DECEMBER 09.
9 days left!
[whats soo funny?] dont know la! =]
i'm gonna STRUGGLES!!!
i'm gonna do the best! fighting! ganbatte!

ak akn mengingati balik sscience yg ak blaja slame 3 tahun tu.
sbb ak ad bce,science yg akn d tnye lam ukkm tu lbey kurang same jah cam lam pmr!
p ntah la. haha.
bab yg personality tu..
[ak pkir kmudian la!] haha.
well,i had pack my things just now.
dan ak meninjau kembali kat meja study ak yg masih lg x berkemas lps exam pmr tu.
nak cari bku science nye!
p ble ak tgop balik..
plus,igt balik kat c tu la ak bnyk luang kn mse tuk study tyme2 nak exam tu..
ntah..tetibe je ak menangis x tentu pasal.
[pdhal yg seberna nye ak rindu gler tyme tu]..
...[study]... =]

pastu tyme ak dux lipat baju skola...
[ehem. ehem. lipat baju tu you!] haha.
nangis lagi. ape nak jd dgn ak ai nie.
so sensitive la! haha.
mmg ak rindu gler ar nak p skola.
blaja. maen ngan kwn2.
kne marah d ckgu. kjew skola yg berlambak.

tu bukan zaman ak lgi.
next year,i'm gonna be 16!
it will be the same? arggghhh!!

sungguh ku benci diriku yg masih lagi xdpt trime hakikat nie!

Emo Graphics
zaman tu da berlalu. p ak nak lalui lgi.
xpe. ak mnerima hakikat nie dgn haty yg terbuke. =]
ntah cam ne lar ak ble da form4 t.
msti rmai kwn2 ak yg len akn mninggal kn skola
sery tu.
x dew la sery nye law cam tu.

Photography Graphics
hahaha. anyway...
i'm not weak! be strong,enis!
yah. totally yah. hahaha.

Photography Quotes Graphics
well,ak da kembali mendengar lagu2 + download lagu..
[perkare yg agk lame gax ak tinggal kn]
ad lar buat kdg2 tu la.
skunk slalu la plop. hahaha.
anyway.. i''m just feel so relax when i'm listening music.

Emo Graphics
haha. ok.
that all for today.
got to go!!! hahaha.
LoCcO!!! =]

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009
tension + stress [help me!] 07:29

Peace Graphics
arghhhhh!!! [shout + scream!!!!]
sungguh t'tekan yg amat + amat sangat ak rase skunk!!!
i need some peace,please!!
moment of peace!!!
peace! peace! peace!!

ok! what i'm doing for this whole day eh?
emmm,let's recall,recall..........
ok! i woke up at 1PM today. that great.
[sebab kdg2 tu ad bagun lewat g] =]
then,i got ready>>>>>>>>>>>
TIME FOR SHOPPING!!!! [love it so much]
lol. haha.
go shopping Pictures, Images and Photos
went to Ampang Park.
my sis need something there.
i dont buy anything there.
[x dew pape yg menarik perhatian ku utk membeli]
then,went to...
macdonalds Pictures, Images and Photos
totally LOVE it! =] haha.
ate ice cream. yum.yummy.
smiley ice cream Pictures, Images and Photos
hahaha. [ak nieh dux makan slalu-da tu je keje ak nye!] =]
and we walked..walked....
tut..tut.. [eh,smpai da kat JJ]
ak dux daydreaming time tu. haha. =P
just went there to buy some books [MPH]
i made it!!!!
bought form4 book [bio].
Books Pictures, Images and Photos
just that subject. [xtaw la camne ak nak blaja tu]
but not candlelight dinner la.
no romance in my page,please!!!
hate that!! =]

then,back home.
love to play THE GAME OF LIFE! [with my nephew + niece]
i still unpack my things yet!
oh NOOOOO!!!! goodbye kuala lumpur!
i'm gonna back home!
my truely home!
oh,home!!! miissssss it! =]

Home Pictures, Images and Photos
on saturday,i'm gonna leave my home again.
sobs..sobs.. [so sad] =[
i'm gonna move to kota bharu.
bye Pictures, Images and Photos
haha. that all for today.
LOL!!! =]

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Sunday, 22 November 2009
7 DECEMBER 09 [UKKM] 07:58

OMG!!!! [>-<]
13 days only left!
UKKM is coming to kill me! [another exam]
i don't prepare yet.
oh no!!!!! [arggghhhh] what i'm gonna do?
let me think!
it's easy actually.
i should get start back to my truely best friend again,
but i don't have any book here!!
well,i'm staying at my eldest brother's house [abg long],
and they is no book i can read here!
only comic+comic+comic..[belong to my niece] =]

Photography Graphics
and i don't know what type of questions i'm gonna face.
so how i'm gonna prepare?
well,my sis said that it will ask about my knowledge. [maybe]
is it true?
huh..,so i should ask someone who's know about it,
and ask about it!!
[sapekah gerangan owg itu?]
maybe emi kowt.
maybe he knows about it.
ok!!i'm gonna ask him about this ukkm.
another problem solve!!! [i think-not so sure]
what i'm gonna do about the books?
i think about it already.
maybe tomorrow i will go to MPH to buy some books with my sis.
form4 books[bio+kimia].
don't know la.
i'm not sure yet.

i know.
i have to get back with these books.
like i'm gonna taking P.M.R again.
that my life. [but i don't call myself a bookworm]
hahaha. cause i'm not like that k!

Photography Graphics
but sometimes i just love books some much and read them,
from hanging around with my friends.

i don't know why.
maybe that time i'm not in the mood [bad mood],
or i'm gonna recharge my energy.
[ingat fon jew kew kne charge balik?]
haha.i'm aslo need that.
i'm just stay alone and nope talk!!
[my friends thought i'm bad mood at that time].
yah. sometimes,they afraid when i start to be serious.

let back to the main topic.
oh yah. before that.
[da lame ak x bersaing]-[perkare yg ak suke gax nak buat]
hahaha. =]
i still kept in mind,memories with my friends to get the highest mark,
plus..,[8A P.M.R]!!! =]

well the next day after UKKM,
[8 DECEMBER 09] beloved parents gonna back home!!!!!
i miss them so muchh!!!!
i'm gonna hugs them. [muakkks] =]
can wait!!! hehehe.

Hugs And Kisses Comments
ok,i wanna sleep.
it's late already. [not so late]
but,i want to do something else.
like daydreaming?
yah. maybe. that will be great.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
bored day! 07:12
Page Graphics

Page Graphics

yum2. yummy! =]
so boring la.nothing to do.
well,i woke up late today. [at 1.53PM]
the truth,i'm always wake up late nowdays!!!
but i woke up la in the early morning,
for subuh prayer la.
never forget it.
i mean it was so coool when it raining outside,
and made me want to sleep.
well,most of my friends just like that.
nothing weird la.

to my best bud,
i meant my best boyfriend[not my boyfriend-not my couple k!]
GOOD LUCK!!!! [IN SPM]i wish him all the best + be the best la.
he said to me.."there is no chance".he meant that no more chance to fail in his life.
well,it's a good thing.
i hope he will do the best in exam.
and i hope too he will keep his "words"
to be himself and not be the other people,
it meant [pretending to be other people]!!!


Friendship Comments

well,talk about friends..
i'm really miss+miss+miss my friends a lot.
i wonder if they will miss me 2.
humm..,just hope.
to G.T.L [kma+ecah+wany+norai+z+balqis+joe],
miss you all so much!!!!

if i meet you guys right now..
what i will do is..

Hugs And Kisses Comments


Hugs And Kisses Comments

that all for today!
LOL!!! =]

Friendship Comments

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Monday, 16 November 2009
talk about my life :) 22:21

Hello Hey Hi

halo. =]
i had changed a lot.
i didn't touch the books.or even study.
i know that i have to prepare..
going form 4 next year![getting old,huh]
mayb it's too early.
or it's just excuse for me,because i'm so lazy.
i'm gonna chill out + have fun!!!
after been a year work hard for P.M.R!!!
but i dont care.
as long as i get excellent result..[8A]
and it will pay off.
i'm so hapy nowdays.
i'm always do what i want..
that a great thing,i think.
i'm so hapy + not lonely here.

Photography Graphics

well..i'm gonna be sweet 16 next year!
i'm old!!!!!!! =[
but i'm be more matured now.
that a great thing.
hope so.
i'm just a girl that growing up!!!
who care!
everyone getting old. hehe. [not just me]

Photography Graphics

i have new hobby now...
i love+love to shopping a lot.
well.,i'm not type of girls that love to shopping.
that before. hehe.
now..i love to buy shoes+dresses+etc! =]
like other girls.
got problem here!my wardrobe getting full.

Photography Graphics

talk about love..
i'm not interest in it.
don't know la.
i'm not fall in love yet.
just like my friends that truely fall in love now.
well,good for them.
i'm hapy for them. that good friends will do. =]
hehe.well,i have a dream to fall in love too.
fall in love with joe jonas!
stupid dream,right?
like it'll be happen.
it's gonna happen,in my fantasy.
hahaha. =]

LOL!!!! =]

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