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Sunday, 22 November 2009
7 DECEMBER 09 [UKKM] 07:58

OMG!!!! [>-<]
13 days only left!
UKKM is coming to kill me! [another exam]
i don't prepare yet.
oh no!!!!! [arggghhhh] what i'm gonna do?
let me think!
it's easy actually.
i should get start back to my truely best friend again,
but i don't have any book here!!
well,i'm staying at my eldest brother's house [abg long],
and they is no book i can read here!
only comic+comic+comic..[belong to my niece] =]

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and i don't know what type of questions i'm gonna face.
so how i'm gonna prepare?
well,my sis said that it will ask about my knowledge. [maybe]
is it true?
huh..,so i should ask someone who's know about it,
and ask about it!!
[sapekah gerangan owg itu?]
maybe emi kowt.
maybe he knows about it.
ok!!i'm gonna ask him about this ukkm.
another problem solve!!! [i think-not so sure]
what i'm gonna do about the books?
i think about it already.
maybe tomorrow i will go to MPH to buy some books with my sis.
form4 books[bio+kimia].
don't know la.
i'm not sure yet.

i know.
i have to get back with these books.
like i'm gonna taking P.M.R again.
that my life. [but i don't call myself a bookworm]
hahaha. cause i'm not like that k!

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but sometimes i just love books some much and read them,
from hanging around with my friends.

i don't know why.
maybe that time i'm not in the mood [bad mood],
or i'm gonna recharge my energy.
[ingat fon jew kew kne charge balik?]
haha.i'm aslo need that.
i'm just stay alone and nope talk!!
[my friends thought i'm bad mood at that time].
yah. sometimes,they afraid when i start to be serious.

let back to the main topic.
oh yah. before that.
[da lame ak x bersaing]-[perkare yg ak suke gax nak buat]
hahaha. =]
i still kept in mind,memories with my friends to get the highest mark,
plus..,[8A P.M.R]!!! =]

well the next day after UKKM,
[8 DECEMBER 09] beloved parents gonna back home!!!!!
i miss them so muchh!!!!
i'm gonna hugs them. [muakkks] =]
can wait!!! hehehe.

Hugs And Kisses Comments
ok,i wanna sleep.
it's late already. [not so late]
but,i want to do something else.
like daydreaming?
yah. maybe. that will be great.

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