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Monday, 16 November 2009
talk about my life :) 22:21

Hello Hey Hi

halo. =]
i had changed a lot.
i didn't touch the books.or even study.
i know that i have to prepare..
going form 4 next year![getting old,huh]
mayb it's too early.
or it's just excuse for me,because i'm so lazy.
i'm gonna chill out + have fun!!!
after been a year work hard for P.M.R!!!
but i dont care.
as long as i get excellent result..[8A]
and it will pay off.
i'm so hapy nowdays.
i'm always do what i want..
that a great thing,i think.
i'm so hapy + not lonely here.

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well..i'm gonna be sweet 16 next year!
i'm old!!!!!!! =[
but i'm be more matured now.
that a great thing.
hope so.
i'm just a girl that growing up!!!
who care!
everyone getting old. hehe. [not just me]

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i have new hobby now...
i love+love to shopping a lot.
well.,i'm not type of girls that love to shopping.
that before. hehe.
now..i love to buy shoes+dresses+etc! =]
like other girls.
got problem here!my wardrobe getting full.

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talk about love..
i'm not interest in it.
don't know la.
i'm not fall in love yet.
just like my friends that truely fall in love now.
well,good for them.
i'm hapy for them. that good friends will do. =]
hehe.well,i have a dream to fall in love too.
fall in love with joe jonas!
stupid dream,right?
like it'll be happen.
it's gonna happen,in my fantasy.
hahaha. =]

LOL!!!! =]

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