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Tuesday, 24 November 2009
tension + stress [help me!] 07:29

Peace Graphics
arghhhhh!!! [shout + scream!!!!]
sungguh t'tekan yg amat + amat sangat ak rase skunk!!!
i need some peace,please!!
moment of peace!!!
peace! peace! peace!!

ok! what i'm doing for this whole day eh?
emmm,let's recall,recall..........
ok! i woke up at 1PM today. that great.
[sebab kdg2 tu ad bagun lewat g] =]
then,i got ready>>>>>>>>>>>
TIME FOR SHOPPING!!!! [love it so much]
lol. haha.
go shopping Pictures, Images and Photos
went to Ampang Park.
my sis need something there.
i dont buy anything there.
[x dew pape yg menarik perhatian ku utk membeli]
then,went to...
macdonalds Pictures, Images and Photos
totally LOVE it! =] haha.
ate ice cream. yum.yummy.
smiley ice cream Pictures, Images and Photos
hahaha. [ak nieh dux makan slalu-da tu je keje ak nye!] =]
and we walked..walked....
tut..tut.. [eh,smpai da kat JJ]
ak dux daydreaming time tu. haha. =P
just went there to buy some books [MPH]
i made it!!!!
bought form4 book [bio].
Books Pictures, Images and Photos
just that subject. [xtaw la camne ak nak blaja tu]
but not candlelight dinner la.
no romance in my page,please!!!
hate that!! =]

then,back home.
love to play THE GAME OF LIFE! [with my nephew + niece]
i still unpack my things yet!
oh NOOOOO!!!! goodbye kuala lumpur!
i'm gonna back home!
my truely home!
oh,home!!! miissssss it! =]

Home Pictures, Images and Photos
on saturday,i'm gonna leave my home again.
sobs..sobs.. [so sad] =[
i'm gonna move to kota bharu.
bye Pictures, Images and Photos
haha. that all for today.
LOL!!! =]

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