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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
bored day! 07:12
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yum2. yummy! =]
so boring la.nothing to do.
well,i woke up late today. [at 1.53PM]
the truth,i'm always wake up late nowdays!!!
but i woke up la in the early morning,
for subuh prayer la.
never forget it.
i mean it was so coool when it raining outside,
and made me want to sleep.
well,most of my friends just like that.
nothing weird la.

to my best bud,
i meant my best boyfriend[not my boyfriend-not my couple k!]
GOOD LUCK!!!! [IN SPM]i wish him all the best + be the best la.
he said to me.."there is no chance".he meant that no more chance to fail in his life.
well,it's a good thing.
i hope he will do the best in exam.
and i hope too he will keep his "words"
to be himself and not be the other people,
it meant [pretending to be other people]!!!


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well,talk about friends..
i'm really miss+miss+miss my friends a lot.
i wonder if they will miss me 2.
humm..,just hope.
to G.T.L [kma+ecah+wany+norai+z+balqis+joe],
miss you all so much!!!!

if i meet you guys right now..
what i will do is..

Hugs And Kisses Comments


Hugs And Kisses Comments

that all for today!
LOL!!! =]

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