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Medical Student.
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"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Monday, 15 November 2010
pain to through all this ALONE, 05:48

it's hard to forget something that give you a great memory,
when you try hard enough to forget it,
but you just can't do it,
you pretend to all people around you that the situation just fine,
like nothing happen, and the things are good,
but sometime, although you can lie people all around,
but honestly, you cant lie to yourself,
because it give you a pain,
pain where no one can see it, no one can really understand what you been through,
and this pain hurt you a lot,
for every breath that you take,
yes, people may say "enis, please dont overreact oke?"
and i am not,
sometime i feel so alone, because my biggest stupid decision,
and i regret for what i have done, for what i have let gone,
i know i cant have it back, and i should be grateful for what i have now,
yes, i do, i really do, but there are the time that i cant stand for all these,
it's not easy for me, and i'm tired of it,
what you gonna do if there are things that you like to forget it, avoid it,
but everytime you online to facebook,
all you can see all these things that you like to avoid and really try hard to forget it,
yes, for every pictures that they captured, its hurt me a lot,
because it makes me remember the people that i want to undo from my life,
but not easy as the words can say it, because of what?
because i love them, and i have the feeling for the one,
and for overall, the picture hurt me,


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