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Enis Farahaini
She's eighteen.
Future doctor to be.
Medical Student.
And Proud To Be :")

"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Wednesday, 17 November 2010
Gee, ;) 04:54

ya, no matter what gonna face me, i will try hard to make my dream become reality, what i have dreamed for? emm, to show the people, the world that i can be a better person that people around me think that i cant do that, but just wait, who gonna be success, and i am not totally the loser, STRUGGLES!

umm, 45 % yes, i just dont wanna remember about myself in the past, mostly when i was in skbd, and i just no need to be scared about the past, just keep moving forward, leading the world, MOVE ON, ;)

umm, certain friends, because all my friends, almost 95 % just have been changed a lot, and u know what, I HATE IT! ,BTW, if you guys forget me, what can i do, sad, dispointed, not at all, i am not type the person anymore, i am already move on, and didnt like to remember about the past, because PAST is the PAST,


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