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Enis Farahaini
She's eighteen.
Future doctor to be.
Medical Student.
And Proud To Be :")

"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Sunday, 12 September 2010
ak harus bangkit? 06:46
smpai ble ak harus begini.. ak leka. ak leka dlm dunie yg tidak wujud d alam nyata..,
ak mengenang yg lepas.., ak impi kan suatu yg tidak nyata..,
i'm lost.. ak menyedari nye..,
namun diri ini berkate, xpe2.. esok masih ad..
yeah,esok masih ad..,namun ak masih dlm kelekaan..
ak benci diri ini.. ak benci akn situasi nie..
everybody looks that they had moved on..
and me? still living in fairytale huh? i keep on dreaming something that i already let it go, and in this my heart..,deep in my soul.. i still beleive that everything that i had let go..,will be back again and will be the same..
but it's not gonna happen,because i'm let it go away from my life..
because i never felt grateful to Him..
and now i feel much alone,when i heard a song.., about friendship,happy life..,
i feel anoying,because i feel that i'm just the one in this world that i dont get it..,
but i'm wrong again..,because there's a lot people out there being through something harder situation than me.., but myself still never change..,
i had gone to bad..,i'm living in fairytale..,and i still hope for it..,
i didn't stand by my own,i need somebody else stand for me..,
gosh..,everything just change.. and i need find way to fix it back..
i cant be like this anymore,i need find the ways..,to let myself getting better,move on,and live in reality.. i cant lose hope,

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