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Thursday, 10 June 2010
homework..working on.. 23:34
gosh! a lot of homework to do! hehe. mom still keep "" asking me to finish my homework.. and i said "alright cool..i need some rest..,then i'll finish my jobs k.." but she keep asking me to do my homework.. oh gosh! soo..,i'm working on.. haha. i have finished chemistry. haha.

nowdays..i'm thinking about something..something that i cant write or describe..actually i still dont know why i have to think about it. it just..speechless! its really freaking me out cause thats matter always in my mind. i tell myself "stop thinking about it..doesn't matter.,not important for now.." but another time.. "yes!it's important! maybe not now..,but my future it is..,right?" then,i keep thats matter in my mind. well.,i cant write it in this blog...,it just complicated.. haha. stop talking about this nonsense!

i'm waiting my niece + nephew come home toninght.. bit ecxited.. (: long time no see them.. they are in gred 3,i think.. time really flies! yup,time really flies! i'm 16 this year? gosh! i'm old,growing up..,should be matured,right? haha. well,i dont want all that for now. just wanna living my life to be kanak2 ribena..but what i'll be just a monsterr!! raagghhhhhh!! no focus in nerd student..not mingle,just love to be alone.. thats why i think i'm a monsterr..sometimes,people afraid of me.. what? that just the way i could be focus on my study.. but terrible things happen. they should not judge someone ig they do not about someone,right? useless,i told people to not do it..but i'm still judging them.. what wrong with him/her? why he/she act like stupid? i hate too..but it just come in my mind. i have judge people without knowing their truth behave right? soo..,i'm just the same. lolz..keep saying to them..but i still keep doing that things.. nothing,but useless!

about him...hp off! too sick to care about it. well,i will text..text..and texting..homework..?no done! haha. just let it off..,i guess.. well,in my life..not just about him i have to focus.. but he will be the one i should care..and bla bla.. haha. sometimes,this make me thinking..why i did this? why? how about the past? how it will be the same..happened just like what happened to me? i promise myself,not to do this again,right? soo..,why i have did this again.. because i wanna someone love me to be myside..,care about me.. but it'll be last? last forever? cause i'm not by his side anymore..there's miles between us.. very far apart.. hmm..,jerk things! make me sick! dont wanna think about it. haha. well,i never let you go..,cause you're mine.. (:

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