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Enis Farahaini
She's eighteen.
Future doctor to be.
Medical Student.
And Proud To Be :")

"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Tuesday, 13 December 2011
=_=' 03:12
enis farahaini - gadis x cantik jelita. ;)

well i know if i post too loooong, it will get bored. so what? i have to face kinda many problems nowadays ;( . but, chill oke. life does not stop for anybody. like anybody would care what happen on me right. geez.

well, my first biggest troublesome problem is the 'interview'. what the hell i fell soooo anxious. psff! sick of this feeling, but could not tell anybody. why? because different food have different taste. same goes to different people. they have their different feelings. it is a life. not a joke or what. UIA? MEDIC? i got no choice neither. thank God i got the chance to get in there. if i succeed in this comiiing interview. =_='

sooo, i get prepare a little. whaaaatt? a little? it is not enough doe. you will compete the students from MRSM TAIPING , MRSM PC , MRSM KUANTAN , MRSM TGB , and etc. gosh~! ;'( but dont give up. 

just beat the problems and move forward.

i cant wait for all 'this thing' to get over. Seriously doe. 

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