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Enis Farahaini
She's eighteen.
Future doctor to be.
Medical Student.
And Proud To Be :")

"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Sunday, 4 December 2011
5 dinawari =) 16:55
5 DINAWARI 2011 
*this picture is been captured with beloved sir harin.

okay. aku xde ape pon nak ckp psal entry nie. plus, aku mls nak tulis panjang2. bosan kn? sbb tu aku suke share dgn gmbr je. these pictures describe the best what i am trying to say. there is no word to describe what i have been through in living my life to the fullest.

in this picture, everybody share the same thing. HAPPINESS! everybody just going crazy when sir harin said " hey boys and girls, common,get's up. let's take a photo. " mereka yg 'ngantuk' automatik jdi penuh dgn btenaga utk tgkap gmbr. HAHA. mcm2 la korang.

nmpk x meja aku? meja yg baris kedua. meja yg paling penuh dgn buku. well, i am not showing that i study hard or what., just nak ckp meja aku la yg paling bsepah dlm kls tu. even better, budak llaki lgi kemas meja ye drpd aku nie. keke. ^^ that who i am. geez.

*adri, aku tahu kau bangge gile bab2 time kekemasan nie kn. slalu je duk bleter time aku bt sepah. lolz.=)

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