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"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have rainbow without a little rain."
Wednesday, 23 March 2011

oke., i know you guys just like wanna say " what the hell with that pic? " for the first entry in 2011? well.., i'm not sure about it. FYI, now i'm a big crazy hell fan of korean, and thanks a lot and big applause to zack caused has succeed to make me "involve" in this korean things or whatever people would call about it. but seriously, i know it may sound childish, common enis! grow up! you're not like 12 years old kid to be dream about 'my prince charming' or whatever it is. well, it's my business, and i deserve to say what i like to say about. kaka. well, some people use term 'rainbow' for their soulmate (it is the right word i should use huh? never mind! ), and for me.. this guy is my rainbow. ceh, really sound childish. uiishh, doesn't matter!

gun jun pyo, the main character in the boys over flowers. gosh! i love that drama! seriously, if i the female character in the drama ( jan di ) in this reality world, it is the best fantasy will be. ;)


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