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Tuesday, 16 November 2010
the last song ;) 17:25

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gosh, finally i really finish the book, "the last song",
never tired of it, why i'm actually read the book anyway,
i have seen the movie, emm, to make i really understand for the whole story, i guess.
and finally i got what the story was all about,
and for sake, this english novel was the first time i was crying for,
unbelievable right, me too. it just sooo good,
NICHOLAS SPARKS really know how the reader like it,
well, i was not crying for part ronnie and will that totally fell in love,
it just been sad when her dad had a stomach cancer,
although he just in pain, he tried to not focus the pain by playing the piano,
but ronnie did not like to hear any piano things,
so for his daughter, he willing to do anything,
although he just in pain, waaauuu! great huh,
gosh! last night was so embrasing, ahha.
as my sister walked into my room,
she just saw me cried? ahha, and she just said "weirdos can even cry reading the english novel? wau, " ahha. sound like that,
i just could smile, she just should read it,
and i beg she would just cry for days, ahha, kidding, sorry for overreact, ahha


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