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Friday, 15 January 2010
disenchanted... :( 02:53

my heart has broken.. broke into pieces..
this isn't what i want.. i know it was my fault..
i'm hoping too much..
ak x dapat masuk ke SBP..
x dapat! x dapat!
and the most important thing right now..
my parents!
dia orang mesti kecewa gle sbb ak x dapat twaran tux msuk ke SBP tu..
my dad said to me..
"harap farah dpt la tawaran tux msuk ke mrsm ye"
i know in their deep heart.. they're sad!
sad! sad! sad! disenchanted!!!!
but what i can do?
insyaAllah..hope ak dpt la msuk ke mrsm..
bnyk kn berdoa pada-Nya..
i will not give!!! NEVER!!
getting in form4..
really made me depressed and going crazy!
sometimes..i didn't catch up easily when the teachers tought me.
especially biology and chemistry..
a little bit in mathematics too..
but addmaths..i'm really understand it..
easier than these 3 subjects..
but mathematics..getting well..
i just need to struggule in bio and chemistry..

OH NO! became worse!
i got this news just now..
NUR AMIRA NADZRI bjaye mndapat twaran..
ke skola yg dax2 bjak saja d situ..
and i??? i cant stop crying..
broken heart!
all this time..
i had tried to beat her..
tapi ak tetap x setanding dye..
dari skola rendah lagi...
ak x dapat,tapi dye dapat..
she got it! she got it!
and that all the matter for right now!
i'm so sad..sad! sad! sad!
especially when my parents getting upset..
sorry mom,dad!
farah x dapat..
i didnt get it...
no one knows how i feel right now..
so sad.. ):

my best friend,syaqila..
dye dpt utk pergi ke SBPI BATU RAKIT..
she told me to be strong..
but i still cant stop crying..
sadness.. :(


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